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About iHUMAN
iHuman Youth Society is a non-profit organization that helps Edmonton youth at risk through the arts. From fashion and music to visual art and writing, our small but dedicated team uses every imaginable creative medium to coach, mentor, and support the growing number of Edmonton youth who walk through our doors.
Our Youth

Our clientele consists of high-risk youth with drug addiction or mental health issues who are working or living on the streets in Edmonton. Our youth stay in an iHuman youth arts program for an average of three years. In that time, they are introduced to arts-based programs that help them heal and discover their own identity, and they are given constant support and guidance while they transition into independent living and steady employment.

Graduates of the iHuman Program

Our staff and “graduate” youth give talks and workshops on drug awareness, suicide, leadership, and how to use the arts to make positive life changes. They have given keynote presentations at schools, clubs, and events and worked with numerous other youth, community leaders, and elders across Edmonton and Canada. For more information about our graduate youth talks or youth programs, please contact us.
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My personal experience

I Human Youth Society, a magnificent facility which plays a major role in my life; they have been there from when I was in my addiction, struggling, lost, hustling, to the successful individual which I’ve become today. Entering into Bonneville Treatment Center Jan 2009 (with the guidance of Quest for Success and the help of iHuman) I discovered I was not just an addict; I was a complete stranger to myself, I struggled with who I was and my identity. The biggest step in the right direction as I transitioned into society was letting go of friends, family and everyone else who was a negative influence. Without having any support, these critical elements would be next to impossible to achieve. But, iHumans staff and the people who walk through the doors are all people who do not judge, who can relate, and who are in one way or another are more than supportive. So I did what is next to impossible, isolated myself from friends, immediate family and street-family.

Next I got involved in a program called Uncensored. Uncensored, an educational/interactive drama approach to teach service providers, councillors, youth workers and even students about the struggles of youths. This helps give a better understanding to the individual/professional who’s working on the front lines, as well, its drama, its interactive, and it’s FUN!!
With all the positive interaction, positive environment and with my focus on my sobriety, I began to grow. With the growth came achievements/success, recognition, identity, and today I am now iHumans Youth Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and their “Friday Night Challenge” facilitator. Friday Night Challenge, it’s a support group for youths age 12-24 looking to overcome addiction. It’s a positive alternative to Friday night triggers that youth face.
Jan 20, 2009, I admitted into treatment. Jan 13, 2012, marks my 3 years being Clean and Sober. I am actively involved with iHuman, the youths see me as a support and a mentor; the workers see me as something like a co-worker-yet I’m not an employee!!! =D

iHuman, an extraordinary place that helps so many youths become successful, a place that is critical in the lives of so many. Because of their help in helping me become who I am today, I am donating any of the exceeding proceeds to I HUMAN YOUTH SOCIETY,

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