Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Riding 4 Mentors



I know the power of addictions, I know where it can take you, and I know the struggles it takes to achieve a better life. My family is surrounded by various types of addictions, crack, crystal meth, alcohol, fortunately I made it out! But unfortunately, many of them are still caught in their addictions.

Today many of our youths suffer from many of the same issues and what happens when everyone you know are living a destructive life fuelled by addictions, violence and crime? You follow suit because maybe you don’t know that "There’s another way."

This is where I believe if we as a society, as communities, learn as much as we can; we can make an impact on the way this cycle is going. I am not going to sit back and watch our people and our families destroy themselves in addictions or living the street life. I am standing up to BREAK THE CYLCE.

I am aiming to make a difference in our younger society's ' Future" by influencing their Present to change course. My Past is my Gift to share with not only the younger society, but also those who work on the front lines; service providers, youth workers, councillors etc; I am biking across the country to raise awareness about this lifestyle, to educate, I am doing this Because we NEED more Mentors such as myself who can influence others to take the sober route, I am Cycling 4 Change Because we all Need this Change!!

I am biking across Canada this June, Departing Tofino – St johns, if your city or town is on route and would like more information about my bike trip in regards having me speak to your community or organizations, feel free to Contact Me

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  1. This is exactly the kind of people we need more of in this entire world let alone country. Reading this statement gives me a rush like I ONLY ever got from using drugs, to feel that makes me want to feel more of it and I support Jamie and can't wait to be where he is now. Thank you for not allowing our cries to go unheard.